Friday, August 26, 2011

Ways of Seeing

The translation of books into television/film is nothing new. The reverse, however, a filmic text becoming a book is pretty unusual. We will view Ways of Seeing in video form before reading the book. This will establish a theoretical grounding for the course, as well as giving us a concrete example of the ways in which text and image (still and moving) translate across different media.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Changing Education Paradigms

Although many scholars discuss the changing nature of knowledge and academic structures, Ken Robinson enacts his conceptions in an innovative way.

Ikea as ARG

This piece, done by Steve Anderson, describes a unit from his world-building class in which he framed Ikea as an Alternate Reality Game. This video also became part of an the HASTAC conference for which the IML was a virtual hub.

The IML's Wallis Annenberg Initiative

Although this project was not funded again (Wallis Annenberg moved on to other endeavors), it remains an important model for thinking about educational transformation. There is a longer version of this piece but here is the short form.

An Introduction to the Mobile Voices Project

Katherine Hayles (from her forthcoming book)

The research on neuroscience has been used by many humanists and media critics from Nicolas Carr's The Shallows to Cathy Davidson's Now You See It. I think N. Katherine Hayles has the most even handed approach and this keynote, delivered the the 2011 Computers and Writing conference, sketches the outlines of her forthcoming book.

Katherine Hayles Keynote from SITES on Vimeo.

Adam Greenfield on Ubiquitous Technology

In this talk Adam Greenfield outlines the contours of his book, Everyware. His views on ubiquitous computing are worth discussing.